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How To Make It Easier To Find Items In Storage Containers

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Storage containers are supposed to make life easier, but if you must frequently get your belongings out of your storage containers, it may be more difficult in actuality. When using a large number of heavy duty plastic storage containers, it can be difficult to quickly find a container that has the exact items you need. Fortunately, there are three ways you can make this process easier.

Use Clear Storage Bins

Storage containers that are made of clear plastic can make it much easier to identify and retrieve belongings. This is especially true if the storage container holds large belongings that are easy to identify through the clear plastic. Still, it is easier to quickly identify the type of items in the container, such as if the container is clearly filled with electrical cords. 

Use A Variety Of Colors

Every season, plastic bins are usually available that are in different colors. As you purchase a larger collection of plastic containers, you may want to create a chart that identifies what type of belongings are associated with which color. For instance, electronics might be stored in a blue container, while Christmas decorations may be stored in a red container.

Label Containers Clearly

Labeling is the best way to quickly identify what is contained in each box. A simple solution is to simply have a single label to identify the types of items in the container, such as "linens." Labels can be made cheaply by cutting strips of masking tape and writing on the tape using a pen or marker. It is even more useful to include a detailed list of each item so that you can skim the list quickly and find out whether you should open the box. When heavy duty storage boxes are stacked on top of each other and the lists are placed on the sides of the boxes, this will be much more convenient. 

Use A Document Pocket

Another option is to use a document pocket and to place a document inside the pocket. The pockets are affixed to the storage bins. Then, documents can be updated regularly when items are added or removed from a bin. The pockets make it much easier to remove and quickly skim a document without having to move several containers. Also, make sure to use a consistent and highly readable font style and size for your documents to make reading even faster.