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Moving? Don't Forget To Plan For Your Pet!

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It is time to move! Boxes ready? Check! Labeling tape? Check! Moving company? Check! Pets secured and ready to go? Oops! Moving is difficult. As a single pet owner, you have responsibility for moving all your possessions and your pet, too.   

Even a local move can involve some significant challenges, especially if you work a lot or have odd hours.  Don't leave out planning for your pet's move because you are too busy! So, what should you do?

Moving Your Pet by Yourself

Many people who are moving a short distance plan to take their pet to the new place themselves. The chaos of the actual moving day can make this difficult. So you don't have a "pet accident", you should take the following precautions:

  • Have proper ID on your pet – make sure that you have updated identification tags and contact information for your pet. If your pet somehow becomes separated from you during the move, either at the old or new place, the finder of your lost pet will know how to contact you.
  • Microchip your pet – this is one step more than just an ID tag. Any shelter can scan the microchip and locate you as the owner. In addition, you can often pay for expanded, microchip service where you can broadcast to all shelters and vets in the area that your pet is lost.
  • Have a plan to manage your pet – for a dog or a cat, you may just put your pet in a carrier or crate and take him/her with you. You could crate your pet while the movers are packing up your place, transport the crate to your new place, and keep your pet in the crate while your stuff is being unpacked.
  • Board your pet – this is a simple solution so you have the time to accomplish your move without worrying about your pet. Just pick up your pet when you are done!

Having a Service Move Your Pet

For longer moves, you may need to take advantage of more specialized, pet moving services. Both national and  local movers often provide pet moving services or are affiliated with someone who does. These pet moving services include:

  • Collecting up your pet's belongings, records, and extras
  • Planning for administering any pet medications, including regular heartworm and flea prevention for extended trips
  • Procuring any necessary documentation for air travel for long distance moves
  • Applying for and procuring documentation and permits for international moves
  • Managing daily feeding and exercise requirements
  • Addressing any emergency, veterinary issues that may occur
  • Setting up your pet's new place upon arrival

Even for a local move, a pet service can be extremely helpful if you are a single pet owner and/or super busy. You want your pet's transition to the new place to be enjoyable and stress free. Making that happen for your pet can also make your move experience much more pleasant, too.