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3 Reasons Moving in the Spring Is Ideal

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If you are thinking about moving this spring, you may want to see if you can push up your moving date so that you move this spring. Here are three great reasons to move this spring instead of this summer.

#1 Lower Prices

One of the biggest reasons to move up your moving date to this spring instead of this summer is because the prices for renting a moving van and supplies are much lower than they will be during the summer. Summer is peak moving time, which also means peak pricing. You will shell out the biggest amount of money for a summer move. Moving this spring will allow you to take advantage of lower off-peak winter-style prices instead of having to pay the full peak prices that come with a summer move.

If you are trying to lower the cost of your move, moving up your moving date can actually save you money through lower prices for moving supplies, vehicles and services.

#2 Greater Choices

The second reason you should move during the spring is the great availability of choices. When you move during the spring, when moving schedules are more open, you are going to have more choices.

You will be able to schedule packing assistance when you need it, and make it work with your schedule instead of working with the packing companies schedule. You will also be able to set the actual move date on a date and time that works for you, instead of having to work with the moving companies limited moving schedule.

If you need to make adjustments to your packing time, moving date or moving truck rental, you may be able to more easily make changes to your reservations if you need to.

#3 Nice Weather

Finally, the weather is generally really great during the spring. In the spring, the temperatures are more mild. You are not going to encounter the freezing temperatures and chill that come with moving in the winter time, nor are you going to experience the over-the-top hot temperatures that come with moving in the summer. Like Goldilocks' portage, the temperatures are just right in the spring time for moving without suffering from cold or heat. Moving in comfortable temperatures can make moving less taxing and stressful.

If you can, move up your moving date from summer to spring to take advantage of better moving weather, lower temperatures and more flexibility. To learn more about the moving process, contact companies like Caccamise Moving & Storage Co.