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Four Features To Look For In A Moving Company When You'll Be Between Homes Temporarily

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Whether you still haven't found the perfect home to move to or you plan to do some traveling after moving out of your old one, relocating is stressful enough for the whole family without having to worry about things like what to do with your stuff when you're between homes temporarily. Choosing a moving company to work with that offers the following features should help reduce some moving stress and make the experience a little more convenient for everyone involved:

Storage Service

One of the most important features to look for when choosing a moving company to hire is flexible storage options for your furniture and other important belongings. You shouldn't have to find a place to store your stuff and figure out how to manage it all while traveling or looking for a new place to live, so make sure that the moving company you work with manages storage facilities where they can store and keep an eye on your stuff while you're between homes.

The storage facility where your stuff will be kept should be temperature controlled and located at least slightly above ground level if possible. This will minimize the chance that anything will be damaged due to extreme weather conditions and high humidity levels. If your stuff will be stored in the shipping container it was initially packed in, the container should reside in a temperature controlled warehouse or be connected to a power source for heating and cooling when necessary.

Property Tracking and Reporting

You should be able to rely on your moving company to provide you with tracking information and reports at the end of each day or week that keep you informed about where your belongings are and how they're doing while they are in the company's possession. Your stuff should be tracked in your moving company's system from the time they start packing stuff and loading it onto their trucks until it's dropped off at your final destination. Make sure the moving company is willing to provide you with real-time tracking information via phone or Internet. They should keep you up to date as to the status of each piece on a regular basis until you claim it after your move is complete.

Incremental Moving Options

Another handy feature to look for when hiring a moving company is incremental moving options so you don't have to worry about emptying your home all at once if you're not in a hurry. You can have the furniture and belongings you don't use often moved a week before the everyday items are packed and shipped away. This will help make the transition a little easier on the entire family and help ensure that you have access to the stuff you need all the way up to the last day without having to sift through boxes and furniture that are in the way and simply waiting to be stored. Make sure your moving company has the manpower, time, and storage space available to schedule your move in shifts based upon the belongings you need in the days and weeks leading up to moving day.

Last-Minute Scheduling Opportunities

If you aren't sure when you'll be ready to settle into your new home, you can't be expected to schedule a drop-off date for your belongings while scheduling the rest of your move. The moving company you hire should offer last-minute scheduling opportunities that will allow you to schedule the delivery of your belongings with just a couple of days notice if necessary. Find out exactly how much notice each company you consider working with needs for scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs so there aren't any unwanted surprises to deal with throughout the moving process.

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