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3 Tips For Moving Antique Furniture Into The Moving Truck

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When you own a lot of pieces of antique furniture, you could be feeling overwhelmed with making sure that all of it is loaded into a moving truck without any risk.To avoid handling your items incorrectly, you want to make sure that your furniture is taken care of.

Before hiring just any movers to provide you with a moving truck, consider the following tips that can help a lot with making sure that the move goes more smoothly.

Remove Drawers for Dressers and Hutches

If you have any heavy dressers or hutches that you're going to be moving, it's so important that you make sure the drawers are removed properly. Trying to move these things with the doors taped shut may seem okay, but it can make them much heavier and difficult to move. Since you want to reduce the risk of anything getting damaged, removing the doors first can make sure that your furniture stays in good shape, and you won't risk things such as your furniture feeling wobbly when moving them into the moving truck.

Carefully Wrap Furniture for Protection

With any of the furniture you're moving, it's important that everything is wrapped properly so that scratches and other damage won't be an issue. Wrapping some of your furniture can seem silly at first, but adding things like bubble wrap and sheets over some of the more delicate furniture can make all the difference in its condition once it arrives to your new home.

Whether you take care of wrapping your furniture on your own or find residential mover services that are able to assist with this step, this can ensure that your items are much better handled.

Insist on Several Movers for Heavy Furniture

Moving antique furniture can mean some of the pieces are going to be extremely heavy and difficult to move on your own or with just a single assistant. Making sure that the furniture is handled by more than one person can ensure that you're able to get them moved up and down stairs properly, as well as avoiding issues where the furniture can get damaged due to being heavy and difficult to maneuver.

With how valuable antique furniture may be to you, it's important for you to make plans for the move to go smoothly. Instead of being frustrated with the work involved with moving, take a look at the above tips to ensure that antique furniture is handled safely.